Poseidon Vineyard

Poseidon Vineyard
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Napa Carneros • Sea level • Planted 1973

Wines from the seaside. Maritime fogs roll across Poseidon Vineyard, blown in by cooling Pacific winds and burned away again by the generous California sun. The river swells with salty water at high tide. Here, on the lip of the San Francisco Bay, we've grown Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to supply exceptional California wineries for over forty years. For more than a decade, we've been harvesting them to create our own wines, reinventing the traditional and emphasizing the unembellished taste of the fruit itself.

Vines by the Bay. Poseidon Vineyard lies at sea level, at the confluence of Carneros Creek and the Napa River. We've owned and farmed this vineyard from the time Nicholas Molnar planted the property in 1973, following his hunch that the region would produce great wines. Even after four decades of farming, this undulating, gravelly bayside terrain continues to inspire exploration and discovery.

  • Pacific winds blow through the Petaluma Gap from the west and bring cooling fog throughout the spring, summer, and fall, tempering the generosity of California sun.

  • Proximity to the Napa River and easy transportation to San Francisco have always made this land valuable.

  • On Primo's Hill, where the old rocky riverbank is planted entirely to Pinot Noir, the difference in vigor is striking.

  • Planted by Nicholas Molnar at a time when more cattle than vines were seen in this part of the Napa Valley.

  • Boon Fly's Hill at the southernmost corner of the vineyard, is planted to Chardonnay and echoes the current oxbow bend in the Carneros Creek.

  • Rich, gravelly alluvial Soils from the Mayacamas Range have traveled from mountainside to seaside.