Cabernet Sauvignon
Mayacamas Mountains • Elevation 2640' • Planted 1999

Wines from the Mountains Less than 1% of the Earth’s surface can produce exceptional wines. These rare sites share the balance of ripening sun with cooling air, resulting either from latitude, proximity to the sea (as with our Poseidon Vineyard), or elevation. Of the three, wines of elevation are perhaps the most rare and create dense, delicious wines.

Vines along the ridge Planted along a ridge at the highest part of the Mayacamas Mountains, 105 acres of our Obsidian Ridge Vineyard rise from 2,300' to 2,640' in elevation and range from 5 to 20% slopes. The contours of the mountainside influence how we prune, water, balance the canopy, and pick the fruit—shaping literally every aspect of how we farm and vinify.

  • Sitting atop a young volcanic flow, the vineyard is littered with large chunks of obsidian.

  • Elevation means more intense sunlight but also cool evenings from sunset breezes off the Mayacamas Range.

  • Obsidian Ridge is situated in the high Mayacamas at 2,640 feet above sea level

  • The obsidian-rich soil provides excellent drainage as well as added light refraction and heat retention.

  • The appellation is known as "Red Hills" due to the rich, red volcanic soil.

  • In 1999, the untended old walnut orchard became a springtime vineyard, planted with 105 acres of Bordeaux clones (including a little Rhône-based Syrah).