We are often asked the question: when were you founded? The short answer to that question is that Arpad, Peter, and Michael established Tricycle Wine Partners in 2003: the year that marked our first meaningful plunge into wine production. It also marked the time when our sustained but individual efforts (in growing, winemaking, coopering, and entrepreneurship) over many years were brought together through friendship, serendipity, and even historical accident.

The longer, more complicated, and ultimately more interesting answer (arrived at through many hours of animated discussion) is that our partnership together is a quilt of many stories, some as far back as 1956, pre-dating our arrival on this good earth. As with any long-term project such as the sustained creation of fine wine, we stand on the shoulders of the generational and geologic foundations built before us. In the timeline above, we offer some of these stories and highlights.

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