• Poseidon Vineyard Wine


    In 2003, we made our first batch of Molnar Family Chardonnay from this vineyard that we planted in 1973. From the start, we wanted to do something different here. We wanted to undress the typical Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and observe the complex natural flavors of the fruit. Starting with the 2012 vintage, we’ve elevated the vineyard name to the main wine name. Not that we don’t love our family name – honestly, we do – but our goal is to highlight the wine’s most critical component: the land from which this fruit comes. Enjoy our Poseidon Vineyard Estate Chardonnay and our Poseidon Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir in fine wine restaurants and bottle shops throughout the country, or from our online store.

  • The Bench

    2012 was a stunning vintage. For the occasion, we released a new wine: “The Bench”, sourced from Poseidon Vineyard’s elevated, rocky, and quick-draining bank – a remnant of Carneros Creek’s former geologic boundary. Here the vines have to work harder to prosper, developing thicker-skinned grapes as their roots dig deep for nutrients and water. The result: a more complex, mineral-rich, and intense offering. "The Bench" Chardonnay and “The Bench” Pinot Noir are limited and allocated wines, available through our Wine Club and Tasting Room only.

  • Reserve

    There are two hills within the greater Poseidon Vineyard, where the gravel and pebbles of the old riverbank are exposed. Here, the vines truly struggle. And from these special vines we harvest Chardonnay from “Boon Fly's Hill” and Pinot Noir from “Primo's Hill” for our Poseidon Vineyard Reserve labels. We began experimenting and vinifying fruit from Primo’s Hill as far back as the mid-90’s under the name Kazmer & Blaise, a nod to grandfathers and middle names. Beginning with 2011 vintage, we bring you the same classic wine, but under a new wrapper. Our Poseidon Vineyard Reserve wines are available through our Wine Club and Tasting Room only.